Run Your Race on a Straight Path in 2016!

    Do I make resolutions--NOPE--to much room for failure.  I am an average person fraught with daily stress and mountains of responsibilities-normal I guess you would say!  So when I saw the linky from The Frenzied SLPs called "I'll Try..." and not "I Will"  I knew it was right for me!  "I will" has too many rules and for a card carrying procrastinator like myself, I don't want rules--I need the TRY!  I did make some goals for myself this year that are necessary. 
#1 I need a list to function...seriously.  My problem is that when I make a list it's on a Post-It that gets lost in the abyss of my purse.  My goal is to put my lists in my planner to keep them all together and to purge my brain of everything once a day so that I can be productive! Everything from meal plans to meetings will go in the planner.  I figure I am just going to have to take my planner with me everywhere! 

#2 I need a break.  Laundry, referrals, bills, family, billing, paperwork, dishes, TPT, etc.  I need a break sometimes and so do you!  A walk outside in the fresh air or a few minutes to read a book, these are essentials to keeping a good mindset. 

#3 I want to travel with my family; Disney, Harry Potter's, tropical somewhere/anywhere.  We need to get away and recharge.  

In this journey of life it is important to have that grounding thing that helps you stay focused and inspired.  To me that's the Lord.  He inspires me to make products that first help my students and then maybe even someone looking for something on TPT to help them.  Verses from the Bible help me keep this focus.  I found some Alex and Ani bracelets that remind me of these verses and keep me on track.  As SLPs in the trenches, we are bombarded with stress and we need recharging too.  I hope you find peace in 2016 and that grounding thing that helps you daily!
The race horse and the compass are great reminders for me!  You can find them here. 
Alex and Ani

Now follow this link to the awesome All Y'all Need for more inspiration for the New Year!  

Thanks for reading! 


  1. 1. Your blog is adorable!
    2. I totally get what you're saying! Christmas break was a good time for me to step away from all (okay, maybe not all, but a lot of!) things speech related to get back to what's really important in life!
    3. I used to live/work in Rock Hill. We're going to Edisto for Spring Break! (only 9 more weeks!)

    1. Thanks Mary! Edisto is beautiful. What a great place to go for Spring Break! Have a great year. 😊

  2. Loving #3! I think it is so important to have a get-away at least once a year! Hope to see you this year in Disney at the TpT conference!

  3. Hi Lauren! I would love to go to the TpT conference this summer and meet all of you! Have a great 2016 😊

  4. I can relate to the Post-its - they are all over my world. And yes - you need to go to Disney and Wizarding World!
    All Y’all Need

  5. I have Post-Its on my Post-Its! Thanks Laura! :)

  6. Great post! Your thoughts are realistic and healthy and I hope you are able to attain them all. Happy New Year!