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     I am so excited about the Teacher's Pay Teachers Back to School "Best Year Ever" Sale!!  There are great deals to start your busy school year so load your cart up and save 28% or MORE!

In my store I just recently updated my Back to School Speech Unit with 29 more pages-plus as an added bonus it is currently 50% off.  If you already own this unit then download it again to receive it for FREE!!

     This huge bundle will also be on sale for a great discount.  If you need some social skills activities for your students-this bundle will cover you for the year for a multitude of age groups.  Plus, this is a growing bundle so as I finish a new social skill unit I will add it to this bundle.  You will then receive the new unit for free!  I use this bundle all of the time!                    

     A super fun back to school game is my "What's on My Desk?" game.  My kids love it all year long!  Each student receives a "desk" and then he or she pulls a card with appropriate and inappropriate items.  They have to complete the target and then either keep the appropriate card or put it back in the deck.  There are tons of smiles and giggles with this game!  

What I'm Buying!
     My friend Speech Dreams has been working hard all summer making the cutest speech crafts ever!  This bundle is definitely in my cart.  These crafts are simple to complete and super cute to display!  My kids are going to flip out--better than that, it's a growing bundle!  Go check it out!

     Mia McDaniel's Back 2 School Fun Pack looks like what I need to go with my fun Speech Dreams crafts. The first few weeks of school are chaotic for me.  I try to make planning a breeze and make my speech kiddos excited about coming to speech with me! 

     Fall means new preschool and elementary students who have parents who may know nothing about speech therapy.  That's where this set of handouts from Jenna Rayburn comes into play.  As SLP's we have to be proactive and share our knowledge with our clients' families so that they are informed and they can help to further our cause to help children by telling other people in their neighborhoods.  It's good PR and job security! Plus, it's just the right thing to do! ;) 

     Check out all of the awesome SLP sellers on TPT!  There are so many phenomenal SLP's out there they are like M&Ms--you can't just pick ONE! Have fun at the sale!! 

Let's Address Laterals--Really!

     Laterals or lateralized sounds can be almost scary to correct.  I remember in my first year of practicing speech therapy in the public school this precious 7th grade girl walked into my therapy room and spoke to me and my stomach fell to the floor.  Not because of what she said but how she said it!  
She lateralized EVERYTHING;  /ch, dg, sh, zh, s, z, tr, dr, blends/---everything!!  
I remember thinking when she left--how in the world do we correct THAT?!
     Well we started completely over with her therapy--threw the old SLP's goals out of the window (sorry old SLP).  When I say started over, we started with /t/ and established some stability and placement (this is where you will begin too!).  Then we moved to words like; 

     We made /t/ into a strident and dragged it out so that it became an /s/.  When working on getting the /t/ to become an /s/, do not stop making the sound.  The /ts/ should be "dragged out"  to help them get that correct placement for /s/.  You can even use some motor cues such as starting the /ts/ on the shoulder with the opposite hand and dragging it down the arm to the hand to show the student that the sound does not end. This helped her tremendously and she got it!  That's where this program came from-one of my wonderful students who worked so hard and corrected all of the lateral sounds she was producing!  I am so proud of her, 19 years later!  I have also used this with other students with great success.  If you have students who lateralize you may be interested in the entire program available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Click on the flag at the top and it will take you there.  Don't forget to follow me by email and on TPT!

Testimonial:  "Thank you for this well thought out product. I have many students who lateralize. Some have s,z,sh,ch,j and some just s,z and some just sh ch j. I have taught every strategy out there and my own and have had success in the past. Right now I have several who cannot make a clear SH CH J. Some can get Ch,J, but the SH is the hardest! I am going to start back with the T again and go through your program. It looks very visual which the kids need and it is step by step. I cannot wait to try this out. I really needed something with all the sounds together. I really like the specific instructions -this will be great for the parents to help the students practice at home. Again- thank you thank you! This is what I really needed to help my lateral hardworking kids! This is a must have resource for working on lateral sounds!" Susan, 11/15/2015

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