Articulation Flip Books

     I'm joining up with the Frenzied SLPs to show you my Articulation Flip Books and how they work!  They will be on sale for 28% off during the TPT site wide sale!

     These flip books came about from a kindergarten student who is unintelligible and also struggles with graphemic and phonemic awareness.  I created the flip books and she absolutely loved them--and even better, she began sounding the cards out during speech therapy!  I made more copies for more of my kids and they loved them too.  I was worried they may find them boring but they began asking me for their "books".  I keep them laminated on 3M hooks behind my table for easy grabbing during therapy times.  

     How they work:  Print out the large, phoneme card of the place, manner and voicing cards.  Laminate or place them in sheet protectors so they can go in a binder.  Print and laminate the cards and cut them out in word format.  There are covers for each set of booklets. Hole punch them and put them on ring clips.
     Discuss with your students about how the placement of the articulators works in correlation with the pictures on the cards (PLACE).  Then discuss how the mouth is open and the sounds may be in the back or the front of the mouth (MANNER).  Last, tell them that the green dot means to cut their voice motor on and the red dot means to cut their voice motor off (VOICE).  This is such a visual strategy with simple words that the students seem to really grasp well!  These cards are in full color but it can be used for years and years!  Have a great school year!