Throwback Therapy Tool

     Today I am going to show y'all an invaluable tool in the speech room, especially when working with low verbal students or children with autism.  Drum roll please..... No , it's not the seat belt chair but that is one PRICELESS tool to me as well.  Seat belt chairs are so important to me because therapy does not happen without one.
     You know that kid--the one that can tear your entire room up in 2.5 seconds?? Yep, had one of those and luckily my fabulous administrators bought a seat belt chair for me to use with my individual kiddos. Hallelujah--best day ever, and most productive.  Below are some photos--one of my seat belt chair and the other of a very retro and cumbersome device that I am going to either introduce you to or remind you of its existence!  Hopefully, you already use one of these in your therapy room.
     Ahhh--the Language Master!  Used by teachers everywhere back in the day to teach reading.  SLP's have begged, borrowed and pretty much stolen these from teachers after learning their power.  I currently use mine to harness the power of the echolalic child--with wonderful results.  Price?  around $270.00.  Extra cards are around $30.00.  There is just something magical about using this instead of an iPad.  I think the "low techi-ness" of it makes them curious and my kids love to watch that magical card produce my voice.  Plus, research suggests that echolalia is how some kids learn--why not turn it around and make it a positive attribute??

      With most of my students, I start with common objects, actions, shapes, colors, and animals.  I usually try to work on ten at a time.  The way the Language Master works is you slide the magnetic card through the slot located under the Califone label.  Press teacher and then record as it is fed through the machine.  You only have a few seconds to record so make it count!  I will say the word /cat/ and then maybe add "meow" to add interest. The student is prompted to repeat or "Use your words."
      My student, who was nonverbal, is now saying a huge variety of words.  Repeated, yes, but he is carrying over very well!
       Below, these are cards from an older student who was working on sentence structure and pronouns.  These cards are also fantastic for working on social skills.  I record them saying the sentences for feedback or even if they need articulation therapy.  This would also be a great tool for students who stutter!
I hope you have a Language Master somewhere that you can utilize in your therapy room.  Try it and I hope you see great progress with your students!  I would love comments!!

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  1. Awesome idea where did I hide that Language Master??? Don't tell anyone, but my room is so small that I hide my stuff in different spots all over the school. LOL! Seriously...the back of the gym, the nurse's room, an old K4 room that they don't use anymore...come to think of it, there is an old portable out back...wonder what I could store in there?