January Is Here....Are You Ready??

     Ummm--no, but hopefully I will be soon!  I know I need to plan for my 50+ student caseload and their individual needs and all of the craziness that happens when you add paperwork to the mix.  Can I get an AMEN?? 
      I have been working hard in my Teachers Pay Teachers store over Christmas break and I have added some new materials.  These are things I needed yesterday! I currently have a multitude of kiddos who need blends this year on my caseload.  I also have some kids who "stop" (and I don't mean collaborate and listen-shows my age) and have frontal lisps. The /st/ blend practice is perfect for them!  This is print and go in black and white.

 That's where this little beauty/craft/activity came from: 

     This resource is half price until December 30th, so grab it now!  
     For my older students, I FINALLY finished my fiction unit that I have been working on forever, it seems.  I searched for realistic photos to set the hook in my readers who are not interested in anything!  I then created original stories based on myths to go with the photos and questions to check comprehension.  My students loved my nonfiction unit and I knew I had to keep that reading and answering questions fire burning!  

The last two pages are a freebie preview for you--print them out and try them with your students!  This resource is also half price until December 31st.

     I LOVE to do crafts in speech therapy and my friend Speech Dreams is busy in her TPT store creating a whirlwind of cool crafts for speech!  Check out her New Year's craft on her blog and available in her store.  Trust me these crafts will be loved by your students and you!

Here is the link to her blog  Speech Dreams go check her out!  

     I hope you stop back by my little blog soon.  When school resumes I hope to add more tips, techniques, and fun from the trenches!  Happy New Year!



  1. Amy, you are such a great blogger! I love your new products! They look amazing! Thanks so much for the shout out on my New Year's roly poly product!!

  2. I signed up for you emails! Love your blogspot!!